Vector Illustration Process

This illustration is part of a poster used to advertise a Digital Illustration class. My concept was “Go further with digital media.” With digital illustration, you can wander to other areas of your creativity.

I draw my illustration based highly off the concept, sometimes playing with visual puns. In this case, a pen stylus takes him on a exhilarating ride. Ironically, I started drawing roughly on paper to get the basic shape the I want.

I sometimes take inspirations on images or existing posters. I’ve incorporated this beanie on my character, which had a hood on in my early sketch. I continue to refine my lines with Photoshop drawing over my sketch with the brush tool. I use a Wacom Intuos 4 to draw digitally.

I, then, take my cleaned up lines, place it in Illustration, and trace it with the pen tool. After completing the lines, I start to ‘ink’ the illustration with shadows. The color fills soon follow. Depending on the style, or the mood I’m trying to create, the illustration may contain 3 layers of shading or more.

I like digitally illustrating with Illustrator as it is very easy to scale vector information across different sizes. This makes printing a breeze compared to raster.